International Fire Protection, Inc. has served the industry since 1990. We at IFP specialize in a variety of life safety service systems. Our values and ethics come down to a few simple words: Loyalty, honesty, trust, integrity, pride, quality, and dedication.

Why Us?

At International Fire Protection, each of our 11 district offices operates as a team in the pursuit of customer satisfaction! We strongly believe that everyone who joins our team is part of the IFP family. For three decades, not only has our family grown but so has our company. With a strong work ethic, we have had the privilege of meeting the fire and life safety needs of our clients in the Southeastern USA; none of this would be possible without our dedicated team of individuals who represents us in the States we serve and that make the face of our business.

We Invest Back Into Our Team

Life safety is our business. We provide the best life safety service to our customers through quality, integrity, honest, and customer satisfaction. We genuinely believe in the importance of people, not only those whose lives we protect but the lives of those on our team. We are committed to caring for them and to intentionally helping each member develop their full potential. We achieve this by providing a personalized set of guidance from our leaders and managers.

We Embrace Preparation

We make sure every employee is well equipped with the proper resources and skills to excel in their career, to develop our team now and for the future to come.

IFP Is Dedicated To Hiring Veterans

The men and women of the armed forces are in the life safety business just as we are. To show our appreciation for their time in service, we seek to hire veterans and provide them with professional opportunities, just as they gave us the opportunity to be free, as they fight for our country’s freedom.

Thank you for your interest in our veteran hiring efforts, but more importantly, thank you for your service to our country! We appreciate your time, dedication and the risk of your life to keep our country safe.

IFP, Inc. takes strides to ensure we are hiring veterans to our team. You are a great asset with all of your experience and training you have received already from your years of service. Being a part of a great parent company, we have the resources internally and through partnership with other companies to provide you with further training as it pertains to the life safety industry. Join our team today by viewing our career opportunities specifically for veterans or any open position we may have.

International Fire Protection, Inc. is a subsidiary company of APi Group, Inc. APi Group provides further veteran recruiting programs and opportunities. Learn more at APi Group, Inc.

IFP Equal Opportunities

We are committed to equal opportunity for all and are committed to ensuring that all individuals, including professionals with disabilities, have an opportunity to apply for the positions that they are interested in and qualify for without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation and gender identification, age, veteran status, disability, genetic information, or any other protected characteristic.

IFP Tech - Safety And Health

Our IFP Tech prepares young professionals to becoming IFP Project Managers by providing education on life safety codes, design and management of projects to be job-ready and placed at one of our 11 district office locations. We have extensive training programs and frequent safety meetings to ensure that all of our team has the education on the latest life safety needs.


Our team is our family, and our family is built upon trusting one another and backing each other up 110% to achieve a smooth and cohesive work environment that is built on our core values. With this philosophy, IFP has continued to grow every year, year after year, thanks to the extraordinarily talented and dedicated men and women of our team!

The Invite

International Fire Protection opens the opportunity for all who are seeking to join us in our life safety quest to protect our loved ones as well as everyone among us.

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