International Fire Protection

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Harrison, TN (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

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5740 Highway 58
Harrison, TN 37341
Phone: 423-326-3367
Fax: 423-326-3372

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Full-Service Fire Protection for Any Application

International Fire Protection opened their office in Chattanooga in April of 1994 and has been its current location since 2001.

We are a one stop shop for all fire protection related needs including:

  • Service
  • Inspections
  • Contract work for all Fire Sprinkler, Fire Extinguishers, Alarm and Detection, Monitoring, and Special Hazard systems

Providing all of our services to industrial, commercial, and residential clients has been a specialty since our inception. Recently we have started to grow into local hospital groups and more government opportunities and look forward to expanding that part of the business.

IFP Chattanooga is a member of the East TN. AGC, NSFA, TN Contractors Association, FSSA and we provide 24-hour emergency response capabilities.

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