Fire Sprinkler Design, Installation, Service & Monitoring

Fire Sprinkler Capabilities

IFP can design, install, service and inspect all types of fire sprinkler systems:

  • Wet System
  • Dry System
  • Pre-Action
  • Deluge
  • ESFR
  • In-Rack System
  • Residential System
  • Fixed Spray
  • Fire Pumps


All of our design and engineer technicians are NICET certified and use the latest release of Autosprink Fire Sprinkler & CAD design software utilities to generate Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3D, or 2D working drawings for fabrication and installation of fire protection suppression, and alarm and detection systems. Our design team has the capability of using your electronic or paper format to create drawings for system installation and archives. We can download your electronic information to be integrated into our design process. All design work is done in accordance with requirements of the appropriate codes as issued by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).


Proper installation, follow-up service and inspection of fire sprinkler, suppression, alarm, detection, and monitoring systems are the keys to a successful operation of the system if an emergency should occur. Our field and design team stay up to date on changes that occur in federal and state regulations and the requirements of the insurance industry.

We also maintain close contact with equipment manufacturers to allow you to take advantage of the latest technology, new equipment and automatic sprinkler system installation techniques.

Fully Trained Sprinkler Technicians

Our field technicians, who install fire protection and suppression systems, must complete an intensive apprenticeship program where they learn the necessary skills while working with experienced employees. They become a Journeyman after five years of on-the-job training, studying and lesson preparation in the apprenticeship program.

IFP stresses continued education and training with safety being our highest priority so that our customers will get the highest quality installation and service in the safest manner.

Fire Sprinkler SERVICE & Monitoring

We believe in automation and utilizing technology in order to provide prompt service to our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To do this, we provide fire sprinkler and alarm monitoring services for your buildings. IFP can add monitoring systems to new or existing fire sprinkler systems.


With the ever changing codes and the heightened awareness for the need of fire protection sprinklers, suppression, alarm, detection, and monitoring there has been a call for retrofitting existing occupied buildings. We will work closely with you to minimize disruptions with work schedules and tenants.


Since 1990, we have been serving customers in the southern portion of the United States. Our customers represent a wide range of business sectors. We have designed, installed and serviced fire protection, suppression and alarm systems in:

  • Chemical plants
  • Government facilities
  • High- and low-rise office buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Paper mills
  • Automotive manufacturing plants
  • Metal buildings
  • Nursing homes
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Educational facilities
  • Retail outlets
  • Tire manufacturers
Fire Sprinkler System Quote

Need a sprinkler system? International Fire Protection can put together a free no obligation quote for your application. We will assess the needs of your facility to design a sprinkler system that is right for you. Fire sprinkler system pricing depends on the size and complexity of your application. Request a quote today!

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