Residential Fire Protection Systems & Services

Fire Sprinkler, Suppression, Alarm & Monitoring Systems

Every industry has their own set of codes and recommendations for proper fire protection within a facility. Having a residential facility such as a nursing home, hotel, apartment complex, low high rise facilities, senior living center, etc. can add an extra layer of code for facility managers. With 24-hour occupancy you want to make sure you are meeting all of your state and insurance code requirements and keep systems running properly to limit damage in the extent of an emergency situation.

Serving Customers Since 1990.

This is where we step in. International Fire Protection has over 30 years of experience serving our customers and providing the right fire alarm, detection, sprinkler and suppression system needed for their facilities. We have experts on staff that stay up to date on code and regulations within the residential marketplace and will work with you to ensure your facilities are getting the right systems and inspections needed.

Alarm Monitoring Services

We provide fire alarm and building security monitoring to our residential customers giving you 24-hour service to monitor and respond to an emergency situation. Our monitoring services are cost effective and we inspect your monitoring system as regularly as your fire alarm, sprinkler or suppression systems. Whether you use our monitoring services or not, we do also provide a 24-hour emergency response team should an emergency occur. Call 256-562-1311 to get in touch with a technician.

Partner with IFP for Residential Fire Protection

International Fire Protection is your local resource for all fire protection systems and service needs for the residential marketplace. We can also work nationwide should you have multiple facilities across the U.S. and are looking for one life safety resource.

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