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Corrosion Management

Corrosion Management Services

Fire sprinkler systems that are not well maintained are at risk of corrosion in the system’s pipes. Corrosion can lead to fire sprinkler malfunction, leaking and even complete system failure. It is important to catch corrosion problems early on and work to try and fix the problem before it becomes a costly repair.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Repairs

At International Fire Protection, we can provide regular inspections and testing of your fire sprinkler system to catch any issues with corrosion and keep your systems functioning. We perform 5-Year Internal Pipe Inspections to check for the presence of corrosion or any other obstructions in your sprinkler pipes.

Wet Pipe Sprinkler Corrosion Management

If you are having trouble with corrosion in your wet pipe system, the technicians at International Fire Protection can help. We can perform wet pipe nitrogen inerting. During this process, nitrogen gas is used to dilute and displace oxygen from the fire sprinkler pipes before they are filled with water. Reducing oxygen in sprinkler pipes is necessary to help manage corrosion.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler Corrosion Management

Corrosion in dry pipe sprinklers happens when water and oxygen are present in the sprinkler pipes. To prevent corrosion, dry nitrogen pipe inerting is performed to dilute and displace oxygen gas in dry pipe systems. This process completely removes oxygen gas from the sprinkler pipes and replaces it with nitrogen gas. This is a critical process that should be taken into consideration, especially on a Pre-Action system that is protecting server rooms or any other areas of your building where the introduction of water is completely unacceptable other than in a fire event.

Schedule a Service Call for Corrosion Management

If you want to manage corrosion in your fire sprinkler pipes, contact us today. We will assess your sprinkler system and determine your corrosion management needs.