Commercial & Educational Fire Protection Systems & Services

International Fire Protection is your resource for complete fire protection services for commercial and educational facilities. We provide you with everything from fire alarm systems to sprinkler and suppression systems.

Each marketplace has its own code requirements for its facilities. Our NICET certified fire protection technicians and fire engineers stay up to date on these code requirements and will help you fulfill the needs to your building.

Facilities We Work With

We have installed fire alarms and sprinkler systems or suppression systems in some of the following types of buildings:

  • Retail Outlets and Malls
  • Public Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Research Facilities

Our systems can be designed for specific buildings or campus wide facilities. With our campus wide facilities we can include one central station for reporting and mass notification to the entire facilities or specific areas that need immediate attention and action from occupants.

Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

At IFP, we have experience working with commercial life safety systems. We have installed fire suppression systems in research facilities that require more than just standard fire sprinkler systems due to the equipment and hazards they possess. We have designed suppression systems where water will not be effective in putting out a fire.

24 Hour Emergency Service

We also provide 24-hour monitoring services or 24 hour emergency response team should you need a technician on hand in case of an emergency. With branch locations in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas and Florida, we have the ability to have a service technician on site in a reasonable amount of time.

Contact IFP today to learn more about our full service life safety company and how we can help you. Should you have facilities across the U.S. we offer national support to our customers to provide you with one fire protection company to provide consistent care and support across multiple buildings.