Training - Fire Sprinkler Simulation Trailer

As a 24/7 service provider of fire protection and life safety systems, International Fire Protection genuinely cares about the life safety of the people in our local communities. We take corporate social responsibility seriously by actively partnering with municipal fire departments and our clients to host fire safety demonstrations.

Some of the topics covered included:

  • Types of fire sprinkler systems
  • How sprinkler systems work
  • How to isolate a system
  • How to use a wedge to stop the waterflow from the different types of sprinkler heads

Working with local fire departments helps to improve the safety of those in the local community. When members of the fire department are educated on the de-activation of fire sprinkler systems in the midst of their fighting a fire, they are better equipped to respond to true fire emergency situations.


"I thoroughly enjoyed this training! It broke down fire sprinklers systems, that once was a difficult maze, to something really simple! Being able to visualize it made it worthwhile!"

-Jason Mesa – Driver Engineer - 18 years with PCFR

"International Fire provided one of the best private protection systems training that I have ever attended. Their training program utilize a working simulator to better understand the inner workings of several different type of sprinkler systems encountered by fire personnel. The training was broken down in such a way to gain a better understanding of how the systems operate, and how to trouble shoot the different types of alarms encountered in the field. An excellent presentation by knowledgeable and competent instructors. A must do for any professional fire agency or private fire service provider."

-Vincent Probst – Captain - 25 years in Fire Service

"Being a rookie, it was a great experience getting hands on training with sprinklers. I was able to use our sprinkler stops to plug an active head which I had never done before. All around Great training!"

– Fire Fighter/EMT – 1 year with PCFR

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