Fire Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring Your Assets 24/7!

When seconds count, system monitoring has the capability to send fire or burglar alarm signals to a central station and have emergency responders in route to your situation. Let International Fire Protection, Inc. provide you with monitoring solutions for your life safety systems.


International Fire Protection is offering phone line monitoring for the low price of $279.00 per year. No phone lines? No problem! Cellular monitoring can be your solution. Cellular monitoring starts at the low price of $649.00 annually. This deal is running through the end of July.

Commercial facilities only. Price does not include material or installation.

Cellular services must be available in order to use cellular monitoring. If cellular services are not available, and IP communicator can be installed. Customer must provide the network connection.

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Full Service Fire Protection With IFP

International Fire Protection provides fire alarm, fire sprinkler and security monitoring services to round out our services as a life safety company. We provide cost effective monitoring for multiple systems and are your 24-hour extension to your operations team.

Fire Alarm & Burglary Monitoring Capabilities

We can install a fire alarm monitoring system on any new system installation or systems already in place. Our monitoring provides 24/7 attention to your fire alarm, sprinkler and security systems. We have live operators for customer contact and the system automatically calls the appropriate services in the event of an emergency.

To set up monitoring on your life safety systems, we would conduct a site visit to determine the best solution you will need for the systems in place. Once the monitoring panel and system is programmed we will install and test the system for operational use.

Cost Effective Services

Our monitoring system is a cost-effective way to ensure your building and assets are getting attention quickly in an emergency situation. The system can monitor both fire alarm and sprinkler systems as well as building security systems. We have installed for commercial and residential buildings as well as industrial as needed.

Monitored And Tested To Ensure Effectiveness

Your monitoring system’s performance will be monitored and tested with the inspections and services scheduled for your fire alarm, fire sprinkler or building security systems.

Contact IFP today to learn more about our fire alarm, fire sprinkler and security systems monitoring services. International Fire Protection services customers in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Between our branch locations and our national accounts team, we are your full service fire protection contractor.