Saving Time & Money for Our Customers

International Fire Protection has been in the fire and life safety business since 1990. From the beginning, we have striven to provide our customers with the best service we possible provide as well as save them time and money. Whether we are working as a subcontractor on a major project or working with a client direct, we deliver on our promises and build long lasting relationships by caring for you and your assets.

We have multiple districts in Southeastern United States and each district operates nearly autonomously. This allows each district to succeed within their niche markets and services provided.

How do we save you time and money? Here are a few ways our district managers strive to help you:

  1. We provide the intent drawings to help save you time and money. These drawings help us build trust with you, a relationship with key players and ensures the systems are designed from the start to meet local codes and pleasing standards. These drawings eliminate confusion and a point of reference for discussing projects.
  2. We balance the cost of labor, time and materials to provide you with a competitive quote. IFP isn’t always the lowest price in terms of bid, but we provide you with added value on all of your projects. We make sure our exact materials are ordered so we don’t have waste, we work quickly and efficiently cutting down labor time and our team, training, experience and safety record keep quotes competitive.
  3. We build relationships with our vendors to keep material pricing competitive. Vendor relationship is as important as having a customer relationship. The relationships we build with our vendors can help secure pricing and lower the cost of materials.
  4. We use technology to keep our costs low. Engineering software allows us to generate projects in weeks vs months. Materials have improved as well as the tools used to install a system. BIM drawings, tablets and computers have changed the dynamic of the job site and project meetings making us a more efficient company.

Contact International Fire Protection today to learn more about how we can help you!