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What is Fire Alarm Monitoring?

A fire alarm monitoring system consists of fire alarm devices, a fire alarm control panel, a communicator (DACT, Cellular, IP) and a central monitoring station. When a fire alarm event occurs in a building where the panel is being monitored, the monitoring panel/communicator will automatically relay a signal to the central station. At the central …
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Fire Protection When Water Won’t Do

If you own a business or work in an industry, at a factory, in a commercial kitchen, or any other type of facility that deals with hazardous material or substances where water won’t work to put out a fire, then you are going to need something that will.  That is where a clean agent fire …
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Hard Wired Fire Alarms vs. Wireless Systems

Fire alarm systems have gone through many changes over the years and are continuing to evolve at a fast rate. The original fire alarm systems were wired straight to the fire department! Gamewell’s original birdhouse fire alarms were located outside of the buildings on street corners. In comparison, today’s wireless fire alarm systems can communicate …
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