Fire Protection When Water Won’t Do

fire suppression systemsIf you own a business or work in an industry, at a factory, in a commercial kitchen, or any other type of facility that deals with hazardous material or substances where water won’t work to put out a fire, then you are going to need something that will.  That is where a clean agent fire suppression system comes into play.  Clean agent fire suppression systems are designed to be fast-acting and very effective at putting out fires.  These systems detect fires early and do a phenomenal job extinguishing the fire without leaving residue behind and are safe for people to be around.  There are several types of clean agent systems that can be installed.

FM200 Fire Suppression System

FM200 is an engineered fire protection system that uses a gas of which 80% of the effectiveness of the fire protection is through the absorption of heat and 20% through direct chemical means.  This system is best used for fires that are burning on the surface of class A, B, and C fires.  When the detection system is alarmed of a fire, it sends a signal to the storage tanks holding FM200 and it will then flow to the area and disperse in the air.  The low concentration of FM200 makes it less of a visual obstruction and also safe for humans to be in the room if the fire erupts suddenly.

CO2 Fire Suppression System

CO2 fire suppression systems use carbon dioxide to create a heavy blanket of gas to reduce the oxygen levels so that combustion can not happen.  Since CO2 is a gas, there is no residue left from the fire protection being used.  The gas is also electrically non-conductive and highly efficient at putting out a fire.  This system is effective at extinguishing class A, B, and C fires as well.

High Expansion Foam Fire Suppression System

High expansion foam suppression systems overwhelm fires by the sheer volume of foam being dispersed.  These types of systems are great for large spaces with many obstacles.  It floods the space and surrounds all obstacles within a confined space.  These systems require very little water and are cost effective when it comes to fire protection for spaces where water will not suffice.

Work with IFP for a Fire Suppression System

International Fire Protection is the southeastern United States clean agent fire protection company.  Our trained technicians will be able to design, install, maintain, and service the clean agent fire protection system your facility needs to protect not only the people inside but the facility and assets as well.  We have a 24/7 emergency response team that is ready to assist if the system ever has any issues.  We do regular inspections to give you the peace of mind that the system will work should the alarms ever be activated.  Contact us today to learn more about how a clean agent fire suppression system can benefit you.