Fire Pump Inspection & Testing

A fire pump is a part of a fire sprinkler system. Fire pumps take water from a water supply and increase the pressure of the water to allow the fire protection system to function properly. Many fire sprinkler systems depend on fire pumps to provide the pressure and volume needed to keep water flowing. In these situations, sprinklers require a pump to operate effectively, and the middle of a fire is not the ideal time to discover that your fire pump is broken.

Like any other components of fire protection systems, fire pumps need regular inspections, testing and service to perform as they should. NFPA 25 fire pump testing is an important component of fire safety maintenance protocols and is essential to guaranteeing the system’s emergency functionality.

NFPA 25 Fire Pump Testing

NFPA 25 is the standard for inspecting, testing, and maintaining water-based fire protection systems. It outlines specific guidelines for inspecting, testing, and maintaining fire pumps and sprinkler systems to ensure their reliability during emergencies. Regular NFPA 25 fire pump testing helps identify any issues or malfunctions in the pump system, allowing for prompt repairs or replacements. By adhering to these testing standards, property owners and facility managers can uphold the effectiveness of their fire protection systems and enhance the safety of occupants and property against the threat of fires.

Who Can Perform the Inspections and Testing?

NFPA 25 emphasizes the importance of qualified individuals performing fire pump inspection, testing, and maintenance tasks. Being “qualified” means having the necessary training, certifications, and experience to carry out these tasks effectively. For example, routine inspections can often be handled by your facilities staff, but more complex tasks like annual flow tests may require hiring a dedicated professional. Many companies opt for an outside contractor for annual flow tests and rely on in-house personnel for weekly or monthly tests. Some states even mandate certification for those conducting annual fire pump tests. Ensuring that your team is qualified and well-trained is crucial for maintaining fire safety standards during NFPA 25 fire pump testing.

How Often Should I Perform NFPA 25 Fire Pump Testing?

According to NFPA 25, fire pumps may need to be inspected and tested on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Are you looking for a more detailed description of what to look for during each inspection? Check out NFPA’s Fire Pump Inspection Checklist.


NFPA 25 fire pump testing requires a weekly visual check of the pump’s components including valves, gauge readings, fuel and oil levels, electrical systems, ventilation, and heating. Weekly visual inspections can be performed by a trained and qualified in-house employee.

If you have a diesel fire pump, you are required to perform a weekly 30-minute no-flow test. In addition, Section of NFPA 25 requires a no-flow test to be conducted weekly for electric motor–driven fire pumps that fit the following criteria:

  • Fire pumps that are serving systems in buildings that are beyond the pumping capacity of the fire department
  • Fire pumps with limited service controllers
  • Vertical turbine fire pumps
  • Fire pumps taking suction from ground level tanks or a water source that does not provide sufficient pressure to be of material value without the pump


Every month, a no-flow test of all other electric pumps not listed above must be performed. During a no-flow test, the pump is turned on for a minimum of 10 minutes and is observed to ensure it is functioning properly with no water running through it.


Every year, a flow test of your fire pump must be performed by a qualified fire protection company. This flow test is a full test of the pump’s function and it ensures that the flow and pressure provided by the pump are adequate to suppress a fire.

What Happens if My Fire Pump Fails a Test?

If you come across any issues with your facility’s fire pump during NFPA 25 fire pump testing, don’t worry! It’s essential to act swiftly to resolve the problem. A malfunctioning fire pump can leave your building susceptible to damage during emergencies. Reach out to a qualified technician right away to address any issues and ensure that everything is back in working order. Your safety and the protection of your people and  property are top priorities, so it’s crucial to take action promptly when it comes to NFPA 25 fire pump testing.

IFP Performs Fire Pump Testing

At International Fire Protection, we can perform inspections, testing and service for fire pumps.  Our technicians are trained and qualified to perform NFPA 25 fire pump testing, and we offer 24-hour emergency service to attend to your fire protection system if something goes wrong. With offices across the Southeastern United States, our team is ready to assist you with any fire protection services you may need. To schedule a fire pump inspection or to learn more about the services we provide, contact us today!