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Top 5 Reasons to Partner with International Fire Protection

Selecting a fire protection contractor to service your needs can be daunting. We will be upfront, we aren’t the only fire protection service provider on the market, but we are the most open, honest and hardworking contractor you can partner with.

We recently asked our team a few questions about what they thought our customers should know when considering a fire protection contractor.

Here is what our sale team had to say:


  1. What are 3 or 4 steps our customers can take that would lead them to selecting us?
  • Contact us via email or telephone for a conversation about their project and to learn more about our capabilities.
  • Request a free consultation and a site visit from a member of our team.
  • Visit our website and blog to learn more about IFP.
  • Request a brief resume of our company portfolio
  • Check social media sites for reviews

No matter what company you are to work with for your fire protection needs, always confirm their past work online or via references. Most companies can provide names of customers they have worked with in the past even if they don’t promote customer names on website or via social media. A company can speak highly of themselves, but a customer will tell you the truth!


  1. What agreements can you make with our customers to alleviate their fears of doing business with us? 

Emphasizing to our customers that we will be a company of our word, that IFP will do what it says it will do. Not just going on our reputation and reference, but also selling ourselves on future performance as to what we will do for that particular customer and their needs. Guaranteeing the customer that they will find no other service that will resemble the service that IFP can provide.


  1. How do our customers feel about themselves before they’ve used our product or service?

Generally most customers and those appointed over the procurement of their fire protection systems, are usually uninformed or misinformed of what types of systems they have and what is needed to maintain and service those systems. This creates a sense of hesitation within the customer once they begin to speak with us concerning utilizing our services. It’s imperative to take the time to educate a customer that contacts us for our products and service.


  1. Who will our customers become after they’ve used our product or service? 

A customer will become as educated as necessary for them to have the ability to understand their fire protection system(s) so that they have the knowledge to maintain and care for their systems per NFPA requirements. Above that, a customer will become someone who is more than just another number in the system. Placing a name with a face and remembering those who you deal with on a regular basis to create a relationship to last. At the aid of IFP, a customer will become a good steward of their fire protection systems to ensure that life safety stays at the top of their priority list.


  1. What do our customers want as it is related to our product or service? 

To know what the customer wants, is also to better know what he has. Recommending the right product and service for the right application is imperative. It is for us to understand, that the customer is calling us for our direction and information to meet their needs. Our continuing education efforts are a must, for IFP to be able to provide the right products, services, and information as to meet the customers’ needs.

Our team is here to be an extension to your facilities’ operations team. We believe we are the right team for you because of our experience and expertise, but also because we will take the time to educate you, answer questions and guide you in installing the right systems for your facilities. IFP will be your expert in fire protection, allowing you to focus on running your business or home.

International Fire Protection provides the design, installation, testing, inspection and maintenance services for fire alarms and detection, fire sprinklers, fire suppression systems, extinguishers and more! We are your one stop shop in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Florida. We also service customers with a nationwide presence.