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International Fire Protection wants to share with you some of the health care facitlies code changes for the NFPA. The 2018 Updated NFPA 99 Code is listed below:

Fire Extinguishers in Health Care Facilities

Portable fire extinguishers (PFEs) are not just required on construction sites.  If you work in health care facilities, the latest 2018 NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code, may affect you.

The updated code has new extinguisher callouts and explanatory information. The new operating room criteria may necessitate replacing existing extinguishers that are no longer compliant. Other areas might also have extinguishers that do no match new requirements. All facilities should be reviewed for proper extinguishers to increase safety during a fire emergency. Here are some codes that may affect you if you work in a health care facility:
Nonferrous-type fire extinguishers shall be provided in MRI rooms and associated spaces. (Non- Metal PFE’s)
Class K fire extinguishers shall be provided for hazards where there is a potential for fires involving combustible cooking media (vegetable or animal oils and fats).
Clean agent-or water mist-type fire extinguishers shall be provided in operating rooms.
Clean agent-type fire extinguishers shall be provided in telecommunication entrance facilities and telecommunication equipment rooms

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