Fire Sprinkler Systems

Protect Your Assets with a Fire Sprinkler System

If you are thinking about or planning on installing a sprinkler system for your facility or home, there are many different types of sprinkler systems to choose from and each one has their own unique purposes.  Sprinkler systems are becoming more cost effective to design and install and with ever changing regulations and codes for structures, you may have to install one if building new or retrofitting an existing building.  Choosing the correct one can be difficult but with a certified technicians help, there is some type of fire protection system that will protect lives and your facility.  Sprinkler systems are one type of fire protection system that can help do just that.

Wet vs Dry Fire Sprinkler System

A wet vs. dry sprinkler system.  A wet sprinkler system has water in the pipes at all times while a dry system is filled with compressed air.  A wet system will have water immediately if the system is triggered.  It can either be tied into your existing water source or it may need to have its own supply and or storage tank with attached pumps.  It depends on the size of your facility and the codes that are required by the NFPA or your insurance company mandates.  A dry system is filled with either nitrogen or compressed air and can be used in areas that have freezing temps.  For example, in northern states or in walk-in freezers or any application that the pipes would be subjected to freezing temps.  This system takes longer for water to reach the sprinkler head but can be used in all climates and applications.

Pre-Action vs Deluge Fire Sprinkler System

Two other types of systems are pre-action vs. deluge sprinkler systems.  A pre-action system is similar to a dry system where the piping is filled with air and the water is held back by an electronic solenoid valve and has heat detection devices throughout the area being protected along with the sprinkler piping being. When the heat detection devices are activated by heat from a fire, the electronic solenoid valve releases water into the piping system and will only send water out of whatever sprinkler head is activated by the fire. A deluge system is a system that triggers all sprinkler heads simultaneously. This type of system is usually used in high hazardous applications where coverage is very critical in putting out the fire and eliminating danger from other areas.

Early Suppression Fast Response & In Rack Fire Sprinkler Systems

International Fire Protection also is highly experienced in installing Early Suppression Fast Response(ESFR) and in rack systems.  Both systems are highly beneficial for warehouses and storage facilities.  ESFR systems are beneficial for warehouses that change storage around and also because they attack the source of the fire. These systems along with, residential systems, and fire pumps are among the types of systems that IFP has installed for commercial, residential, industrial, and educational industries across the Southeastern part of the US.

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