FM 200 Fire Suppression for Data Centers

A data center is the place where an organization’s IT equipment and operations are housed and where data is stored and managed. Data centers are one of the most critical parts of an organization’s operations.

Why Does a Data Center Need Protection?

A data center houses important computing equipment that allows data to be collected, stored, and distributed. These components are necessary for a business or organizations to function. If a fire occurs in a data center, it could have devastating consequences for an organization.

A fire can cause excessive damage to IT equipment in the data center and cause a loss of important data. Without this equipment and data organizations cannot operate. It causes lost time and money for business and a loss of information that is often invaluable.

Clean agent fire suppression systems can extinguish fires in data centers before they become too destructive. Traditional fire sprinkler systems may not be the best option in data centers because they could cause water damage to equipment that may be just as harmful as the fire itself. Fire suppression systems, such as FM-200 systems, are a good option for data centers.

Benefits of FM 200 Suppression

FM-200 fire suppression systems are a good choice for data center fire protection. An FM-200 system uses the chemical FM-200 or heptafluoropropane to suppress a fire. When a fire is detected by the detection system, the FM-200 will automatically discharge. These systems offer many benefits such as:

  • They are safe to use in occupied spaces
  • FM-200 systems use a colorless, odorless gas that leaves no residue
  • They minimize damage to sensitive equipment
  • These systems react in a matter of seconds to suppress a fire before it gets too large
  • Not many cylinders are needed, less storage space is required
  • Shorter downtime for your business
  • Environmentally-friendly

FM-200 systems can help protect your data center from a fire. Installing this suppression system will help to keep the equipment and data that your company needs to operate safe from fire damage.

Install an FM-200 System with IFP

International Fire Protection is a full-service fire protection contractor. We install fire sprinkler and suppression systems. IFP has experience working with a wide range of suppression systems across many industries. We can install an FM-200 system in your data center or other facility needing fire protection. International Fire Protection also can provide services including inspections, testing, service, and repairs for all your fire protection systems.

If you are interested in installing a fire suppression system from International Fire Protection, request a no obligation quote today!