Fire Protection Services for Buildings in South Florida

International Fire Protection’s Sunrise, FL office location is a full-service provider of fire protection services in Southern Florida. With a service area ranging from the east coast to the west coast of South Florida, we are fully equipped to meet all your fire protection needs.

Fire Sprinkler Installations, Inspections and Repairs

One of the most effective ways to protect your people and property from fires is by having working fire sprinkler systems. IFP’s Miami location has a team of experts that can provide installations of sprinkler systems and perform ongoing inspections to help ensure that the sprinkler systems are functional and code compliant. Our team can provide corrosion management as well as inspect and service fire pumps and backflow preventers.

Fire Suppression System Services

In certain applications, water-based fire protection systems are not suitable. Clean agent systems may be installed in water sensitive environments while foam suppression systems are often utilized for applications with highly flammable liquids. We install, inspect and service fire suppression systems in South Florida. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to work with both clean agent and foam fire suppression systems.

Fire Alarm Services & Monitoring

IFP Miami designs, installs, inspects, tests and repairs fire alarm and detection systems for South Florida buildings. Fire alarm systems are a critical component of life safety because they provide early warning of fires to allow building occupants to safely exit. Our technicians provide inspections and testing of alarm systems in accordance with NFPA standards. In addition, we also offer alarm monitoring services for 24-hour protection for your facility. Mass notification systems from IFP also give direction to building occupants on how to proceed in emergency situations.

South Florida Full-Service Fire Protection Provider

International Fire Protection’s office building in Sunrise, FL can provide fire protection services for buildings in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Hollywood, West Palm Beach, Naples, Marco Island, Cape Coral, Fort Myers and the surrounding areas. Some of the applications we work with include:

  • Data centers
  • Universities
  • Property management facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Banking institutions

If you are interested in learning more about the services we can provide in Miami, FL, contact International Fire Protection today!