Mindy McKean | Great Leaders

Mindy McKeanMindy McKean of IFP Featured on Building Great Leaders Podcast

Mindy McKean is the Corporate Safety and Risk Leader at International Fire Protection. Recently, Mindy was featured on the Building Great Leaders Podcast from APi Group. In the episode, Mindy discusses how she found her passion for safety and why she did not settle for a job that did not fulfill her. She talks about how IFP continues to innovate with safety by promoting a culture of transparency and teamwork. McKean also touches on the importance of prioritizing mental health in the construction industry as well as the importance of self-care in achieving work life balance.

APi Group is the parent company of International Fire Protection. The goal of their podcast is to highlight leadership stories from people throughout their family of companies to promote their purpose of building great leaders.

Listen to Season 3, Episode 52 of the Building Great Leaders Podcast to hear Mindy McKean’s story.