Benefits of Access Control Systems

Access control systems allow you to secure your facility by controlling who can enter. An access control system restricts access to a building, a room, or a specific area. A person who wants to enter an access-controlled space must provide their credentials such as a key card, fob, or mobile device. These systems provide many benefits including:

1. Eliminate the hassle of traditional keys

Traditional keys can be a hassle to use. When an employee loses a key or leaves the company and does not turn in their key, you may have to replace the locks on your doors to maintain the security of your building. With an access control system, you can deactivate or reassign cards as needed without any hassle.

2. Prevent unwanted visitors

With an access control system, only authorized users with the correct credentials can enter your building or a specific space. Access control systems prevent people that you do not want in your building from entering.

3. Freedom to come and go

With an access control system, your employees have the freedom to come and go as they please if they have their credentials. Employees can come to work early or stay late without the need for someone to come unlock or lock the door in the morning or at night.

4. Keep track of who enters

An important benefit of access control systems is keeping track of who enters your building or area of your building. If an incident occurs, you will know exactly who entered your space and at what time.

5. Increase security for sensitive areas

Access control systems allow you to increase security for sensitive areas such as spaces with confidential information or areas that require special safety training. To enter these areas, authorized employees need to provide additional credentials.

6. Eliminate the need for a security guard

Access control systems eliminate the need for manual labor to monitor and track who is entering and exiting your building and prevents people from entering who should not be there.

7. Safer and more secure environment

Create a safer work environment with an access control system. When the system tracks who enters the building, employees are less likely to steal something or commit a crime.

8. Scheduling features

Access control systems have scheduling features that allow you to set specific access times for employees or visitors. Adjusting access times can be done easily and within seconds.

IFP Installs Access Control Systems

International Fire Protection installs access control systems in the Southeast United States. Whether you need a system for a single building or an entire campus, IFP has the solution for you. Our technicians are experienced and will conduct training with your facility managers after installation. If you are interested in learning more about our access control systems, contact us today.