Fire Alarm Inspections & Testing

Fire alarm systems need to be inspected and tested in accordance with NFPA 72. Typically fire alarms need to be inspected and tested weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. Weekly, monthly, and quarterly inspections can be performed in-house while annual and semi-annual inspections should be conducted by a licensed fire protection contractor. Taking care of your fire alarm systems through regular inspections and testing can help ensure that your building occupants are getting the early warning that is needed to safely exit a building when a fire occurs.

Weekly Fire Alarm Inspections & Testing

  • Inspections of control equipment
  • Testing of batteries and engine driven generators in public fire alarm reporting systems

Monthly Fire Alarm Inspections & Testing

  • Inspections of batteries for any corrosion or leakage, digital alarm communicator receiver (DACR), and CO2 detectors
  • Testing of batteries in fire alarm systems and supervising signaling devices and receivers

Quarterly Fire Alarm Testing & Inspections

  • Inspections of supervisory signaling devices, waterflow devices, and radiant energy fire detectors
  • Testing of batteries in central station facilities, initiating and supervisory signaling devices and off-premises transmission equipment

Semi-Annual Alarm Inspections & Testing

  • Testing of the functionality of flow switches, tamper switches and backup batteries
  • Visual inspections of initiation and notification devices

Annual Fire Alarm Testing & Inspections

  • Horn and strobe testing and inspection
  • Inspection and testing of pull stations, detectors, and flow switches
  • Control panel testing and inspection
  • Battery and backup power supply panel testing and inspection
  • Testing of voice evacuation equipment
  • Send signals to monitoring center to test communication path

International Fire Protection Provides Semi-Annual & Annual Fire Alarm Inspections

International Fire Protection provides fire alarm inspections and testing in accordance with NFPA standards, local codes, insurance requirements, and manufacturer requirements. We will help keep your fire alarm systems code compliant and functional. IFP has many locations throughout the Southeastern United States that can provide full-service fire protection for industrial, commercial, and residential facilities. Contact us today to learn more!